Thursday, January 5, 2012

Whole 30 update

No fabulous new recipes today, I've been mostly trying to keep my head above water. Partly, the elimination of Diet Coke is really getting to me in the afternoons. I don't work tomorrow and you'd better bet I'm going to spend the afternoon taking a fat nap in the sun like a kitty. But also, I've been really overwhelmed at work, my boss/mentor is on a medical leave and I'm swamped with new responsibilities in her absence, plus pretty concerned about her well-being. So far, I've been rising to the challenge, but sometimes it's meant that I'm running late to pick my son up from preschool while texting my husband "Do we still have leftover tri-tip in the fridge for dinner????" I've stuck with it though... the only rule I've broken is the one about weighing myself, and frankly, it was reassuring. :-D

However, in lieu of an actual recipe, you want to know something that's majorly awesome while you're on the run... Balsamic tuna salad. Basically chop up 1 bell pepper & 1 cucumber, dump your best canned tuna over the top and toss with 1 tbsp each balsamic vinegar & olive oil. Quick, easy, low sodium (depending on the tuna) food is in tummy, it's time to go play circus! I should probably just keep cucumbers and bell peppers in my fridge at all times, since you can pretty much combine them with any leftover meat and any Whole30 friendly sauce and have a pretty fine meal or snack, with no additional fuss.

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