Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ironman vs. grassfed tri-tip.

I'm on Day 7 of my Whole30, and I can't say that I'm doing much more than hanging in right now. Yesterday was kind of rough, I didn't get enough coffee in the morning, which resulted in a headache that chased me around until this morning. Then in the evening, I had the beginnings of a vertigo attack. A low sodium diet controls about 95% of my Meniere's symptoms... but I still occasionally get attacks. Stress particularly can be a trigger, and the stress of listening to my 3 year old have a 1.5 hour INTENSE screaming tantrum over going to bed was just too much. A couple hours after he settled down the world around me started doing the shift-spin-stop thing, a sure sign that a full fledged attack was on it's way. I took my meclizine and went to sleep.

Fact of the matter is, I just never feel good the day after a vertigo attack. If I have a full fledged attack I'm just exhausted by it. If I have to take the meclizine and the zofran I'm a total zombie, I have to take the day off work. I really try to avoid the zofran if I possibly can. If I catch the attack early and only have to take the meclizine, things are better, but I still feel really blah and depressed the next day. This is why I'm so aggressive about the low sodium thing, I would rather sidestep the attacks completely. There's probably no eating plan or exercise regimen that's going to combat the fact that the meds make me feel crappy.

But I was really hoping that my energy level would start to kick back up today... I've got silks class in an hour and I know I'm going to be dragging through even having an extra iced (black) coffee with lunch.

In good news... Our favorite grassfed beef producer is back at the farmer's market! See the picture above of my little superhero pretending to chow down on a frozen tri-tip. We had to buy that package because he licked it while she was reaching in the freezer for more. :-/ I chatted with her a little bit, and she's really hopeful that they'll make it to the market more regularly in 2012... they had a lot of transportation & logistics problems last year. Comes with the territory of running a ranch. I also got my lovely duck eggs, some avocados, a big bag of AWESOME local tangerines, and some dates that I'm hoping will turn into a new recipe. Stay tuned...

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