Monday, January 3, 2011


Wow... it's a new year! And a new post from me (for once)!

I'm not going to get all "resolutionary" or anything, but here's what I'm thinking I'd like to do over the next year:

1. Post to this blog at LEAST twice a month (come on, that's not too hard).
2. Implement a long term plan to get my family eating more sustainably year round.
3. Stretch more often! Do some stretching, flexibility training or yoga at least 5 days a week... I know that sounds like a lot, but really, I can spare 10-15 minutes every day to do it.
4. FINALLY write up the damn cherpumple post, with the youtube videos and whatnot.

What I'm reading right now: Slate's Clean Plate series

What I'm knitting right now: Still finishing the Little One's christmas sweater.

What we're eating for dinner tonight: Chicken chili made with the leftovers picked off our NYE party roasted chicken.

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